Don't Call It A Comeback - The Return of SW4T

Bringing back from quarantine

So to say that it has been a minute is a big understatement. However jabbing with an understatement and then swinging with a right hook of truth is our style.

We love finding humor in the truth and truth in the humor so we are bringing SoWrongForThat back

What SW4T 2.0 Will Have

We plan to be more than just a blog but a presence with the following

  1. Main SW4T page
  2. Ebony POV podcast
  3. Twitch channel coming soon
  4. Our already live social media channels
  5. And more....

We slept because we got slept on. The noise of the ignorant woke us up so we are back to have fun and make fun.

Welcome to SoWrongForThat.Com 2.0