Get Your Friend - Celeb Shoutouts At George Floyd's Funeral

Tiffany Haddish showed out at George's Floyd funeral when she didn't get a shoutout as a celebrity attendee

Today the family of George Floyd said their official goodbyes today at a public funeral in Minnesota. The family was kind enough to live stream the service for all of us to see.

We at SW4T know that certain traditions happen at black funerals...but celebrity shoutouts isn't one of them.

So What Happened...

North Central University was the center of attention today because of the funeral. Beside family and friends of Floyd a lot of black celebrites made an appearance. Here is a list that we know of so far:

  • Kevin Hart,
  • Ludacris,
  • T.I. & Tiny
  • Tyrese Gibson
  • Master P
  • Will Packer
  • Reverend Jesse Jackson

However most of the attention went to Rev. Al Sharpton when he did the celebrity rollcall and forgot to mention Tiffany Haddish. She wasn't having any of that so she made it known to Rev Al (and of course the Floyd family who the funeral was actually for) she was there IN PERSON to share her condolences. The Rev even invited her on stage to say a few words.

What We Said...

Twitter of course saw her shoutout as disrespect rather than the lack of her adknowledgement. Here are some of the best reactions: