I'm Gonna Get You Sucka -- Terrance J Starts A Feud With Marlon Wayans

social media goes after terrance j for attacking marlon wayans & his family

Summer heat is finally here and some celebs can't take it at all. Because of the recent events and protests a lot of celebs and personalities have taken to IG live to vent and debate. Facebook has made it a policy not to censor political speech and it looks like they aren't censoring stupidity either.

Terrance J may be a Q but he definitely isn't wise picking a fight with Marlon Wayans on IG. Guess he thought since he was talking to the youngest Wayans sibling he could get away with it. Lol he THOUGHT!

So What Happened...

The 106 & Park host was talking with Marlon Wayans on IG live about supporting black brands and businesses. Terrance J decided that he would gain some Black Lives Matter clout by challenging Wayans on his support. After Marlon proved his support for black brands by literally pulling "receipts" from his closet, Terrance then tried to 'school' him and make fun of him for having successful older siblings who helped him.

What We Said...

Both Twitter and Instagram were facepalming at this exchange. Here are some of the words they had for Terrance J.

UPDATE: Terrance J posted a response video with Marlon Wayans saying it was "all love". To be honest we don't believe him lol.