Million Dollar Copy Cat -- B Simone Caught Up In Fake Book Scandal

b simone caught copy and pasting a book and then selling it.

There is nothing wrong with trying to be an entrepreneur. There is nothing wrong with being inspired by existing ideas and flipping them into original ideas for profit.

The key word is ORIGINAL. Unfortunately for social media influencer B. Simone someone found out that the book that supposedly made her over a million dollars was no more that scrapbook of 'borrowed' ideas.

So What Happened...

The Wild'n'Out star was already in trouble because of her comments concering BLM protests and the murders that caused them. On Twitter she told them to seek God instead of seeking justice and almost everybody called her out on it. She didn't back down and even challenged her 'haters' to cancel her saying that they couldn't do it.

One should know better that to challenge Twitter with a statement like that. Over the weekend her book was compared to similar books via and she copied designs and pages word for word. The original creators confirmed with side by side comparisons that entire pages and even sections were plagurized,

What We Said...

UPDATE: Here is a response from B. Simone herself about the allegations: