Bye Bye Doritos Tacos -- Taco Bell Is Now On The Hater List

#riptacobell is the new trend

Since the protests began a lot of companies and brands have shown their true selves when it comes to how they view minorities especially black people. Some have stepped up to the plate as allies while others have hidden in the dugout hoping they don't get called to bat.

unfortunately some companies and brands should have kept their mouth shut and ate their food or continue to serve it quietly. Starbucks learned the hard way last week and now this week Taco Bell is learning that same lesson.

This is the video of a Taco Bell employee who was fired for his BLM mask. Once this video blew up on social media the response was swift with digust and alternative Taco Bell recipes.

So What Happened...

First off, know that Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken aka KFC are all owned by the same company. Taco Bell announced a corporate decision earlier this week to keep employees from wearing clothes and gear that support Black Lives Matter. As expected it wasn't well received and the #riptacobell trend was born.

What We Said...

What The Response was

Taco Bell PR responded on social media with a plan of "muting and listening". They have yet to respond to the allegations.