Mistaken Identity - Black Woman On Twitter Thinks Tom Joyner Is A White Man

young black woman get roasted for calling tom joyner white

Soon there is going to be a whole generation that will not know what's it like to wake up to the Tom Joyner morning show. Whether you listened to him on the school bus before the first bell or in your car on your way to work Joyner's voice was a cultural marker for the Black community. Not only was his radio show legendary but also his annual Tom Joyner cruise. He's also invested time and money into promoting the many HBCU's across the country. You would think that everyone, even non-black people, would have some knowlegdge of Mr. Joyner and his background.

Apparently not everyone.

So What Happened...

A Twitter user posted a throwback live performance of Fantasia on the Tom Joyner show. Mr. Joyner as usual was living his best Black life dancing and singing along to the performance. You'll see though in the tweet below that one user had a comment about the video that created a Twitter firestorm:

The woman that called Tom Joyner a white man is all of 20 years old. There is no way no one told her about Tom Joyner and how black he really is. It's a good possibility that she intentionally called him white to get attention and promote her business (which she did immediately after the tweet was it) and then played dumb afterwards. Our guess is the latter although anything is possible.

What We Said...