Essential Worker - Texas Governor Cancelled All Summer Concerts Except For Vanilla Ice

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vanilla ice

Coronavirus has nearly shut everything down. While some states and cities are opening up slowing other are staying closed off or even reclosing after summer outbreaks. Texas is one of those states that opened back up too early and after the virus came back with a vengence is shutting back down. Among many other things like bars, restaurants, etc. the Texas governor is shutting down all concerts & events for the summer - except for one.

Vanilla Ice.

Yes that Vanilla Ice. The one hit wonder will be for once the hottest event in Texas as the only concert still scheduled with thousands planning to attend.

So What Happened...

Gov. Greg Abbott signed an executive order last week that closed all bars in the state until further notice. The closing of bars means the closing of in-person concerts at those bars. However for Emerald Bar & Grill in Austin they technically qualify as a restaurant so their July 3rd Throwback Concert with Dallas native Rob Van Winkle aka Vanilla Ice is still on. They have a current capacity of 2500 and expect the tickets to be sold out. Of all the musical acts to still have a live schedule in this country Vanilla Ice was not the one the be the last standing. Unsurprisingly the internet has some interesting reactions to seeing the news about the Ice Ice Baby singer.

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