You And Me And He Part Two - Jada and Red Table Talk Discuss The Entanglement

Will and Jada talk and confirm the rumors on a special Red Table Talk episode

First off we enjoyed the mini vacation we took last week and apologize for not keeping you updated. It seems the Jada/August story was far from over.

It was only a matter of time when Jada Pinkett Smith would have to address all the rumors on her critically acclaimed talk show. What we know if we would hear an official confirmation of what August Alsina claimed and how complicated the 'entanglement' actually was.

Memes and discussions have been happening all weekend about the details Will and Jada discussed on Red Table Talk. We will go through some of the highlights below.

So What Happened...

So we were all excited when Jada said she was 'bringing herself' to the Red Table Talk and even more excited that she was bringing her husband with her. When the episode finally premiered Jada said via Twitter that she had already taped it over a week earlier but because of current events worldwide did not want to post it yet. Once she did post it the world was turned upside down to quote the Hamilton musical now on Disney+. She and Will get into a candid discussion where they reveal to the world that for a time they were separated and it was in this period that August Alsina and Jada became more than friends.

Jada now infamously called it an 'entanglement' but Will during the explanation called her out and renamed it a 'relationship'. She further explained how she started off her 'entanglement' started out as her helping August in a platonic way while he was sick. After it progressed for a while Will & Jada found a way to start talking again and unseparate. According to the 'bad marriage for life' couple August stopped communication with Jada once the Smiths got back together and they both wondered why he was revisiting this now. We at SW4T also have some questions that still have us wondering:

  • If it was four and a half years ago how come we had no clue they were separated?
  • Was the separation official as in legal or just in spirit?
  • Was was the moment/incident that brought Will & Jada back together?
  • What about Will's 'entanglements' during this time?

What We Said...

The Response

We will hit you with a part three about 50 Cent and his text messages. Stay tuned.