Nick Cannon Fired From Wild N Out

ViacomCBS dismissed Nick Cannon after controversial remarks on his podcast

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So the crazy news never stops even on Tax Day 2020!

Nick Cannon has always had a strange relationship with the media even though he has had on paper a successful career as a host and media mogul. He has been the president of TeenNick and has hosted many shows such as Wild'n Out, America's Got Talent and The Masked Singer. There are even rumors that Mr. Cannon pursued a rap career back in the day. However besides wearing a turban in public and marrying singer Mariah Carey Nick Cannon has been out of the mainstream spotlight.

That is until last night.

Nick Cannon popped off at the mouth about who was really running the world (hint: not girls like Beyonce said) and who he though the true evil people of the world are. His words started a fire that not even his charming smile could put out.

So What Happened...

Among his many other ventures Nick Cannon hosts a podcast called Cannon's Class. He released an episode on June 30th featuring Professor Griff and between the two of them they said things that flared up tensions weeks later.

While Cannon was talking with Griff he said things like this when talking about white people: “When you have a person who has the lack of pigment, the lack of melanin that they know they will be annihilated, therefore they know that however they got the power, they have a lack of compassion, melanin comes with compassion,”

Another key Cannon quote: “Melanin comes with soul, that we call it soul, we soul brothers and sisters, that’s the melanin that connects us so the people that don’t have it, are, and I’m going to say this carefully, are a little less and where the term actually comes from, and I’m going to bring it back around to Minister Farrakhan, where they may not have the compassion,”

Many people specifically got upset about his alleged claims of anti-semitism and his reference to Minister Louis Farrakhan. He went to describe the history of white people as savages.

“They have to rob, steal, rape, kill and fight in order to survive. So these people who didn’t have what we have, and when I say ‘we,’ I speak of the melinated people, they had to be savages, they had to be barbaric because they’re in these Nordic mountains, they’re in these rough torrential environments, so they’re acting as animals, so they’re the ones closer to animals, they’re the ones that are actually the true savages,” Cannon said in another part of the video.

ViacomCBS announced yesterday that they would be cutting ties in response to the outrage over Cannon's comments. Social media has been wild with its opinions on the matter.

What We Said...

The Response

Nick Cannon is not backing down. We will share more about that is a later post.