Will Trump Let TikTok Survive 2020

trump plans to ban tiktok in the us and the panic is looming


Trump has had enough of TikTok creators raining on his election parade.

The president was answering questions from the media and one of the things that he said while on Air Force One is that he plans to use an executive order to ban the social media app TikTok in the US as soon as Saturday. For many of the teens and adult who are part of the TikTok universe this comes as a major shock. The real panic of course are from the content creators who get fame and/or money from the app and they are already searching for VPNs to bypass the ban.

“Well, I have that authority. I can do it with an executive order or that” is what Trump said about TikTok while on the presidential plane. If he follows through with this his election plans will end as fast as a TikTok clip.

So What Happened...

Now the official line is that banning TikTok has to do with national security. The app is a Chinese organization though Microsoft is planning to take over the US operations. Other countries such as India have already implemented a nationwide ban on the app but users have also already worked their way around it. Personal infomation and metadata are valuable on the black market and many have claimed that malware make TikTok info vulnerable.

However the real reason for the possible ban is that TikTok has been used as a weapon to hurt Donald Trump's campaign. Users famously reserved most of the Tulsa rally tickets to ensure low turnout and again more recently at the North Carolina speech event. Also with all of the anti-Trump content on the app he probably thinks it will help clear the way for his own online propanganda...and lies.

Here is the response of many to this shocking news....

What We Said...

The Response

Above this a direct message from TikTok about the possible ban. Of course we will update this post if and when the President or the company takes action.