Big Brother All Stars Is Finally Here

big brother all stars premiered this week on cbs

Big Brother All Stars

It's been fourteen years since we saw a full group of returnees came to the Big Brother House. Some of the houseguests back then were already legends like Dr. Will & Danielle Reyes. We got to see Chicken George eat slop while Howie and Marcellus argued in the jury house. Even though we have had many returnees in the seasons after Big Brother All Stars we have yet to have a full season of only returning houseguests to play the game we love to watch.

That is until now.

Two nights ago we were blessed to see 16 new houseguests enter the BB house for a new season. Except this year they aren't new to us at all. With a two hour live premiere and HoH competition we're in for the biggest season yet.

Welcome to Big Brother All Stars 2!

So What Happened...

So first things first, we have four black people representing this season and with their ups and downs all of them actually have a good chance to win:

  • Bayleigh (Season 20)
  • Da'Vonne (Seasons 17-18)
  • Kevin (Season 11)
  • David (Season 21)

We were supposed to get the LEGEND Danielle Reyes and possibly Amber from BB16 but having four black people on a regular season of Big Brother US is an accomplishment in itself. However in order to win they will have to compete with 12 other fan favorites:

  • Nicole F (BB16, BB18)
  • Nicole A (BB21)
  • Memphis (BB10)
  • Tyler (BB20)
  • Cody (BB16)
  • Christmas (BB19)
  • Enzo (BB12)
  • Keesha (BB10)
  • Daniele Briones (BB8, BB13)
  • Ian (BB14)
  • Kaysar (BB6, BBAllStars1)
  • Janelle (BB6, BBAllStars1)

Now we could get into who belongs more on this cast (and believe it - we will end a later post) but we're just happy that as fans we get to see a Big Brother season despite the pandemic. Let all of the craziness begin!