Dolly Parton Said Black Lives Matter

dolly parton makes her opinion known about the racial protests

BLM Ally Dolly Parton

Black Lives Matter.

We shouldn't have to repeat or make it a slogan or carry a homemade sign about it. This should be somethting taken for granted and not seen as a threat. Although many white people has spoken for it they're so many more who still think we as a people should only be counted as 3/5 human and speak very loudly against it.

Praise God that singer/musician Dolly Parton is not of the latter group and she has made that known in a way that only Dolly Parton can.

So What Happened...

Billboard has just released a cover article featuring the country music legend that talks about her empire and how she is planning the continuation of her legacy after she is gone. However the most talked about portion of this article has nothing to do with her music or business holdings like Dollywood. It has to do with the subject of Black Lives Matter and she made her stance perfectly clear.

“I understand people having to make themselves known and felt and seen,” Parton said in the article. “And of course, Black lives matter. Do we think our little white asses are the only ones that matter? No!”

Parton also talked about changing the name of a park ride at Dollywood after receiving complaints about the word 'Dixie' in the name.

“When they said ‘Dixie’ was an offensive word, I thought, ‘Well, I don’t want to offend anybody. This is a business. We’ll just call it The Stampede.’ As soon as you realize that [something] is a problem, you should fix it. Don’t be a dumbass. That’s where my heart is. I would never dream of hurting anybody on purpose.”

We are so glad that Dolly Parton is reppin' as an ally for the culture. Twitter is also happy about it.

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