Kanye West Is Bringing Jesus Tok To The Masses

kanye goes on another twitter rant this time about tik tok and his christian solution

Jesus Toks with me

Trump has officially made moves to cancel Tik Tok in the Us.

Microsoft has officially made moves to take control of the Tik Tok US holdings but no full deal has been finalized. As crazy as Tik Tok can be it is one of the most used social media platforms ever and everyone from content creators to independent artists and comedians use it. The main complaint from Trump is that it hurt online security and can lead to data leaks. The main complaint from end users is the sometimes vulgar and racial videos many creators put out on the app.

Fortunately Kanye West has taken time from trying to run for President and save his marriage to come up with the perfect solution for everyone.

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you....Jesus Tok

So What Happened...

Here is the tweet that will start a new online revolution:

First it was Jesus Walks, then the albums Jesus is Lord & Jesus is born and now it is Jesus Tok.

It's a wonder why no one else has thought about this before. This is the same guy who had the truly genius idea to make gospel version of Rain & Weak by SWV. This could be the same guy who will make a more Christ-friendly version to Tik Tok.

But seriously.....

With all of the Christian comedians out there the idea in theory isn't that bad. However since it came from the mouth of Kanye and knowing what he has done to other brands this could be a disaster waiting to happen even if he gets tech help from his friend Elon Musk

Here are what the masses are saying about the idea of Jesus Tok

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