BB22 Live Feeds Update For August 19

live feed update for big brother all stars

Big Brother All Stars

Big Brother All Stars is almost two full weeks in and what a weird ride it has been.

We would say a wild ride but to be honest not a lot of crazy stuff happened in the first week aside from fan-favorite Keesha Smith from BB10 going home and fellow BB10 alum Memphis Garrett winning his first ever HOH comp later in the episode. But everything in the Big Brother House has gotten more weirder and more crazier from this point. Alliance are forming and breaking up with the same day. Lies and rumors are creating intense paranoia and alternative reality in houseguests that were considered sane and stable. On top of all that we are THIS CLOSE to the game ending move known as the house meeting.

The veto episode is tonight but so much talking has been happening on the feeds that it should be exciting for the next two days.

So What Happened...

Here are the highlights from the feeds yesterday:

  • Nicole F is still hating on Janelle - she tells Christmas about her plan to make her a have not and weaken her
  • Da'Vonne is still on her bad reads parade - she goes to the camera and tells us live feeders she had Janelle all figured out and that she is lying
  • Tyler spent time with Nicole A to get her to call out Janelle and Kaysar at a house meeting.
  • Janelle cooked dinner for the house but Nicole A threatened to claim she was poisoned because of the dinner
  • Nicole A was more overwhelmed with unnecessary paranoia over Janelle and talks with a lot of people about it.
  • Cody and Enzo caught up and reviewed all the deals they have on the table. Cody also revealed the Slick Six to Nicole F and told her it was fake.

Daily Rankings

  • Nicole A
  • Kevin
  • Memphis
  • Christmas
  • David
  • Nicole F
  • Enzo
  • Kaysar
  • Cody
  • Janelle
  • Da'Vonne
  • Tyler
  • Bayleigh

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