Big Brother All Stars and The End of Black Girl Magic

live feed update for big brother all stars featuring Bayleigh & Davonne

Big Brother All Stars

We have been in mourning for Chadwick Boseman so we apologize for the late updates on BB22. On the bright side we can channel our anger into something else and that is the current happenings of Big Brother All Stars 2.

Christmas did the unthinkable last week and nominated the only two black women in the house. They tried their hardest to stay but after microaggressions and deception from both Tyler and Christmas one had to leave the BB bubble before jury.

Unfortunately it was Bayleigh who was evicted by a vote of 9-0.

We will say that Black Girl Magic is forever and the classy way they supported each other in their final pleas was iconic

So What Happened...

This is the speech that had us in tears Thursday night. Even though it was a given she was staying over Bayleigh she used her 'last minute' to champion the causes she talked about outside of the house. The speeches from both of these lovely ladies of color was inspirational but Day's speech struck a chord that I hope will be celebrated. Here are some of the responses from Twitter

Our Responses