David Makes A Move In BB22 and Gets Compared To OJ Simpson

live feed update where David used his power and the white alliance is upset

Big Brother All Stars

Ladies and Gentleman we finally had an All-Star game move in Big Brother All Stars 2 last night. Believe it or not this move came from David thanks to his Disruptor power.

After Thursday's episode Dani as the new HOH nominated two people - Kevin & David - not knowing about David's power. However once David used his power all hell broke loose and now the alliance known as the Committee are 'appalled' that someone outside of it saved themselves and even lied about it.

We thought the racial undertones and microaggressions would at least take a week off but instead they both clocked in for overtime. David according to both Cody and Tyler was equal to an alleged murderer for saving himself and live feed fans are not happy at all about that comparasion.

So What Happened...

So after HOH Dani Briones nominated Kevin Campbell and David Alexander for eviction there was some downtime before things got heated. David has to use his Disruptor power anonymously and AFTER nominations so at least for a few hours he had to be on the block. However he finally got the chance to use it before midnight he decided to continue the facade and lie that he didn't use it. He was fooling no one but for some reason Cody and his followers took it personally.

Tyler had a right to be mad that he was nominated but in the end it was the HOH who said his name and put him on the block.

This didn't matter because Cody Califiore had the nerve to compare David saving himself to OJ Simpson's murder trial:

Needless to say this lit up social media and Twitter all night until the morning.

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